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Tribu Nation and The HeadWare Review (+Exclusive Discount Code!)

Pack essential items for your next adventures, like sandals from Tribu Nation and scarfies from The HeadWare. Read on and get a coupon for 20% discount!

As a backpacker, traveling light is a crucial skill to learn. Usually, I can fit all of my things in a half backpack regardless of how many days I’ll spend away (the other half is taken by a camera or a laptop!). I hate bringing things I don’t need, so I have a rigid set of assessment before any item makes it to the bag.

For example, I forego bringing heavy items such as rubber shoes which may get wet during the rainy season or river crossing. I also don’t carry thick hoodies because they take up so much space. I also don’t wear any unnecessary accessories and trinkets that I may forget when riding from one place to another.

Still, traveling light isn’t just about removing the unnecessary stuff. It also means packing versatile items that have multiple uses that will allow you to save space and carry lightweight bag for comfort in the long-haul. This is where brands such as Tribu Nation and The HeadWare comes in handy, because their products seem to understand every needs of a backpacker.


My Usual Travel OOTD

After years of climbing mountains and backpacking locally, I think I’ve learned to pack lightly by instinct. My companions are usually shocked when they see I usually only bring just one backpack be in a 5-day trip to Vietnam or overnight camping. It really pays to already have a uniform.

Here are just some of my go-to combinations when traveling:

  • For city tours: Basic shirt / Tank top + Shorts / Jeans + Sandals / Flip-flops + Small bag for valuables
  • For mountain climbing: Long sleeves + Leggings / Track pants + Socks + Sandals + Small bag for valuables (I usually leave the backpack on the van, if available)
    • Sun-proofing: Caps + Sleeves + Sunglasses + Face scarf
    • Extra protection: Gloves for rock climbing activities. Thick jacket for colder mountains.
  • For the beach: Swimsuit + Cover-up + Shorts + Sandals / Flip-flops
    • Sun-proofing: Caps + Sunglasses
  • For motorcycle rides: Basic shirt + Leggings / Track Pants + Sandals / Rubber shoes + Thick jacket
    • Sun-proofing: Sunglasses + Face scarf

When traveling the Philippines, the main concerns are always the terrain and the weather. I wear extra protection for more challenging terrains to ensure safety, and sun-proof myself by wearing clothes will full coverage (of course, together with sunblock!).

I usually wear sandals because it’s handy for river crossing and beaches than rubber shoes. So, I don’t have to worry about socks getting wet and I can wear this one item in throughout my adventures. I also put smaller items such as scarves and bands because they are lightweight and I can easily wear them again. Depending on the size, they  double as beach mats, towels, compression fabric, and a rag.

travel OOTDs tribu nation

First Impression of Tribu Nation and The HeadWare

For our Albay trip, I had the pleasure of using sandals and flip-flops from Tribu Nation. I also wore headbands, scarfies, and face scarves from The HeadWare. Even before I got this sponsorship, I am already familiar with their brands. I’ve been using The HeadWare since 2012 when I got into Ultimate Frisbee, which involves playing under the sun for hours. Meanwhile, my boyfriend used Tribu Nation flip-flops even on mountain climbing adventures.

Here are just some of the items I wore:

Tribu Nation Sandals in Subanon Adventure (Maroon Strip). Ever since the start of my mountain climbing, I’ve always had maroon sandals. I love the color because of the versatility it provides and because it fits any outfit I wear. What I like about the Subanon Adventure variant from Tribu Nation is that it has a local feel and ethnic trademark that no international brand of outdoor gears can copy. I look proudly Filipino!

  • Abzo-Pad. Tribu Nation sandals are molded from special phylon with ergonomic design, which acts as a shock-absorber to lessen stress on the feet with every step. It fits the curves and points of my feet, which makes it comfortable for long-haul adventures such as hiking and backpacking. You’ll truly feel the difference once you put it on.
  • Price. PHP 875 / $41. It’s reasonable considering your sandals will protect your feet on all kinds of adventure. I’m sure mine will last for years!

Tribu Nation Flip-Flops in Dumaran (Brown/Yellow). The Philippines is known as the flip-flop country because our beaches allow us to dress in a laid-back way. But that doesn’t mean you can settle for thin-soled and breakable flip-flops on your next trip. Believe me, I’ve experienced flip-flops giving in mid-adventure, and it’s such a great hassle. These Dumaran flip-flops from Tribu Nation marries comfort with durability that my feet and budget really thanked me for.

  • Hug Tech. Unlike your average flip-flops, Tribu Nation reduces stress on the ankles and joints on impact by following the contours of your feet. This is great for flat-footed adventurers and those with postural deformities or suffered from previous injuries. I believe they give Havaianas and Ipanema a run for their money! Not only is its design wearable and comfortable, you can rely on the product’s longevity.
  • Price. PHP 299. It’s just above the normal pricing for branded flip-flops with no ergonomic features. But it’s leagues away from international brands with higher pricing. It’s a good investment, I think, for people who want durable footwear without splurging too much.

tribu nation the headware

The HeadWare Scarfies, Face Masks, and Headbands. I know a lot of travel bloggers who swear by scarves as a must-have in your bag. Scarves are lightweight and have multiple purposes that you’ll find useful from the airport, to the beach, to your travel OOTDs. The leading brand internationally is The HeadWare, which produces a wide variety of products from headbands, face scarves, and scarfies.

The trademark The HeadWare face mask I had in Tie Dyed and my boyfriend the Spiral Blue style. We wore it mainly on our ATV adventure which involved hours under the unmerciful sun. The scarfie I wore in Sumlang Lake came in the Venus variant. It features faded green, yellow, and red which I can wear with any basic top. The coverage is wide at 90cm x 180cm, but the fabric is on the sheer side and incredibly lightweight. For the headband, I used the Inner Peace Pink variant, which adds a pop of color to my hair. I wore it for the city tours in Legazpi City.

Here are just some of the helpful features of The HeadWare products:

  • UV protection. Most of The HeadWare’s fabrics have 90% protection from ultraviolet radiation (UV-A and UV-B), which filters the harmful elements. This is great for tropical countries with searing climates, as well as adventures such as open trail mountain climbing and island hopping.
  • Thermal protection. One unique feature of the scarfie is that though it’s breathable, you can get thermal protection for the cold and wind without keeping in the moisture. This is great for colder climates or even just cold bus rides!
  • Wicksorb. This is a trademarked technology that designs fabrics to be fast absorbent and dry. It also filters out moisture and perspiration, making it cool and breathable. So even though you wrap them around your head or neck, they are not sticky to the touch.
  • Super versatile. Because of its elasticity, there are many ways to wear The HeadWare. Face masks can be a beanie, eyeshade, dust mask, bandeau, and even be a pouch, laptop sleeve, or camera cover. Headbands can serve as a scrunchie, shower caps, helmet or hat liner, and a wristband. Scarfies can double as beach mats and beach dress.
  • Others. The HeadWare also offers face masks have light reflectors, which is great for nighttime biking or hiking.
  • Price. Scarfies are at $32. Face masks at $14. Headbands at $14.


Shop Now with EXCLUSIVE Discount Code!

As a way to wish you more adventures in 2018, I’m happy to announce that Tribu Nation has given a 20% discount code specifically for my readers. Just use fyr*tribu for your orders valid until May 2018. Discount is only available via website. Happy shopping!


How to order from Tribu Nation website:

  1. Visit the Tribu Nation website *
  2. Browse and choose items to buy
  3. Click “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” after **
  4. Fill out your Billing Details and key in coupon code fyr*tribu
  5. Checkout via PayPal
  6. Wait for your product to be shipped

*Be sure to turn off VPN setting to view the local website

**COD is not available when using coupon code



Rate: ♥♥♥♥♥
Tribu Nation
Main office: Km. 16 East Service Road, Daanghari St. Perpetual Village Parañaque
Contact: (02) 867-1603,,
Order at

Rate: ♥♥♥♥♥
The HeadWare Philippines
Main office: #3 Felix Baez St., (formerly Daang Hari) Perpetual Village, Barangay San Martin de Porres
Order at



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  • Reply
    Marjorie G.
    January 20, 2018 at 11:43 PM

    I wish I am like you, someone who picks the things she would pack conscientiously. I can’t do it, even my pack lighting is still pretty heavy. I just hate it when I pack light and I realize I’d forgotten something (happens to me all the time). Anyway. never heard of Tribu before. I’d check out their items, I think I want to get me those scarfie. Looks so stylish.

    • Reply
      Sam Coronado
      January 22, 2018 at 10:20 AM

      Loved the scarfie too and many travelers and hikers swear by having a scarfie in your arsenal. This one is def for keeps! 🙂

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