A Walking (and Solo) Tour of Kuala Lumpur

One of the highlights of my 6-week internship was couchsurfing in Kuala Lumpur  alone. Yes, alone! I took two trains to get to Merdeka Square, which is where most of the action is, armed with just maps and my camera.

Kuala Lumpur is an easy city to travel around with because of the train systems. But prepare yourself for some heavy walking cum sightseeing.

Merdeka Square (or Independence Square) is beautiful both because of its historical and architectural beauty. Below is Masjid Jamek, one of the oldest mosques in KL, the first sight that greeted me after hopping off the train.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, one of the more famous landmarks of the city. It is said to light up beautifully at night. Here it is at daytime:


The Royal Selangor Club, which to my delight, had a ceremony that morning. This was an arena for games of cricket. In the middle of the square also is the tallest flagpole in the world.

Royal Selangor
The former Restoran Wariska.

Restoran Wariska

Finally I entered the KL City Gallery, whose building is about 114 years old! It showcases the history of the square and the development of Kuala Lumpur, which actually named “muddy river”. It has an elaborate souveneir shop inside.

The National Textile Museum traces the history of textile making, weaving, accessories and costumes of Malaysia.

National Textile Museum

KL City Library, which I wish I had entered.

National LibraryMasjid Negara, or the National Mosque.

National Mosque

Walking further down the road, I came across KTM Komuter. What magnificent Indian, Turkish, and Moroccan-inspired architecture.
KTM Komuter
The KTM Administrative Building, another adaptation of Moorish architecture.


What I truly love about Malaysia is mixing traditional art with contemporary art. It isn’t unusual to see quaint establishments like these right in the middle of high rise buildings.

941615_10200249839542663_421452471_nFarther down the road is the famous Central Market built in 1888. You must try the RM5 fish spa for 10 minutes! Expect squeals, teary-eyed laughter and a lighter feet afterwards:


The most impressive feat of my photowalking is going to the distant National Museum under the heat!


After a long, tiring day of walking, I caught a glimpse of the famed Petronas Towers from afar. It really glistens day and night, I can’t tell you how breathtaking this metal structure looks like — even better than those in postcards. I love this city!

Catch my second solo daytrip in Kuala Lumpur next Monday! I shall venture out to see the Petronas Towers up close.


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