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Binondo Food Trip: A Food Crawl Map in Manila Chinatown Restaurants

binondo food trip

Going for a Manila Chinatown food crawl? Map out these Binondo Food Trip restaurants to try hopia, beef mami, lumpia, dumplings and more!

For many years, it’s been popular for Filipinos to do Binondo food trips. The Manila Chinatown truly has a way of making you feel like you’re in another country — especially for people like me who did not have a Filipino-Chinese background. After doing so many food crawls, it’s a wonder that I’m only writing about Binondo food trips now!

A lot of Binondo restaurants are family-owned nondescript eateries with a hole-in-the-wall feel. The food crawls in the world’s oldest Chinatown often involve unassuming restaurant exteriors serving delicious Chinese dishes and delicacies. Its origins are traced from Chinese immigrants who have been popular as cooks, which I was able to get to know more in the Chinatown Museum Binondo. Their recipes have morphed through the years as the Filipino-Chinese culture flourished.

Here is a list of recommended Manila Chinatown restaurants for a Binondo food trip:

Best Binondo Food Trip Restaurants

Wai Ying Fastfood

  • Why visit: It’s the most recognizable Binondo restaurant for its various cheap and delicious Chinese cuisines, from hakaw to roasted Peking duck dishes.
  • Recommended dish: Roasted Duck Rice (PHP 240)
  • Address: 810 Benavidez Street
  • Open hours: 7AM – 2AM

Lan Zhou La Mien

  • Why visit: Live demonstration of how they tediously make hand-pulled noodles!
  • Recommended dish: Beef Lamien (PHP 160)
  • Address: 818 Benavidez Street
  • Open hours: 8AM – 9PM

Dong Bei Dumplings

  • Why visit: Also a live demonstration of how to make dumplings
  • Recommended dish: Kuchay dumplings (PHP 150/14pcs)
  • Address: 642 Yuchengco Street
  • Open hours: 9AM – 8PM

Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant

  • Why visit: A place for family meals and known for the typical Filipino dish — the fried chicken!
  • Best known for: Fried Oyster Cake (PHP 200) and Sincerity Fried Chicken (PHP 160-320)
  • Address: 497 Yuchengco Street
  • Open hours: 9AM – 9PM

Ying Ying Tea House Restaurant

  • Why visit: A relatively new restaurant — a good bang for the buck if you’re looking to sample many Filipino-Chinese cuisines!
  • Recommended dish: Minced Beef Congee (PHP 110)
  • Address: 234 Dasmarinas Street
  • Open hours: 7AM – 2AM
binondo food trip

BOOK NOW: The Big Binondo Food Wok

  • Duration: Half-day food tour
  • Places to see: Binondo Chinatown, Binondo Church, Ongpin Street, Plaza Calderon dela Barca, Basilica de San Lorenzo Ruiz, etc.
  • Dishes to try: lumpia, siopao, pancit, champoy, etc.
  • Notes: Hosted by the Old Manila Walks founder, Ivan Man Dy; English and Filipino languages are used
  • Price: PHP 1,500 on weekdays; PHP 1,650 on weekends

Top Binondo Food Crawl Snack Shops

Eng Bee Tin

  • Why visit: The place is synonymous to hopia (mooncakes) and has introduced new Filipino flavors such as mongo-ube, macapuno, pinya, etc. 
  • Recommended dish: Hopia Ube (PHP 46)
  • Address: 650 Ongpin cor. Yuchengco Street
  • Open hours: 8AM – 8PM

Shanghai Fried Siopao

  • Why visit: The traditionally steamed siopao reinvented… with a golden brown and crisp bottom!
  • Recommended dish: Fried siopao (PHP 18)
  • Address: Ongpin corner Bahamas Street
  • Open hours: 8AM – 10PM

New Po Heng Lumpia House

  • Why visit: The building’s vintage look and the tucked-in location makes dining in more interesting — plus, big lumpia servings!
  • Recommended dish: Fresh lumpia (PHP 60)
  • Address: Uy Su Bin Building 531 Quintin Paredes Street
  • Open hours: 7AM – 7PM

Quick Snack

  • Why visit: An unassuming eatery that are popular among locals since 1968.
  • Recommended dish: Kuchay Ah (PHP 45) Beef Mi (PHP 140)
  • Address: 637 Carvajal Street
  • Open hours: 9AM – 6PM

Ho-land Hopia & Bakery

  • Why visit: Wide variety of Chinese merienda and pasalubong such as tikoy, machang, and hopia.
  • Recommended dish: Hopia Mongo (PHP 70)
  • Address: 551 Yuchengco Street
  • Open hours: 7:30AM – 8PM

Salazar Bakery

  • Why visit: One of the more successful family-run businesses with innovative takes on the Filipino pandesal.
  • Recommended dish: Pan de Lemon, Flower-shaped Bread, Pan de Leche (all at PHP 29)
  • Address: 783 Ongpin Street
  • Open hours: 5AM – 10:30PM

binondo food trip


Other Popular Binondo Food Trip Restaurants

Chuan Kee Chinese Food

  • Why visit: Chinese meals meet Filipino street-style turo turo.
  • Recommended dish: Kiam Pong (PHP 50) 
  • Address: 650 Ongpin cor. Yuchengco Street
  • Open hours: 6AM – 10PM

Cafe Mezzanine

  • Why visit: They donate their revenues to the Binondo Paco Fire Search and Rescue Brigade!
  • Recommended dish: Gokong (PHP 190), Soup No. 5 (PHP 300)
  • Address: 650 Ongpin cor. Yuchengco Street
  • Open hours: 7AM – 10PM

The Original SaLido Restaurant

  • Why visit: Now a mainstream restaurant, offers delicious coffee and the relatively older crowd that gives it a homey vibe.
  • Recommended dish: Roasted Pork Asado (PHP 235) Chami (PHP 190)
  • Address: 2F 839 Ongpin Street
  • Open hours: 8AM – 7PM


  • Why visit: Reminds you of the popular Ma Mon Luk beef mami, but in Binondo!
  • Recommended dish: Beef mami (PHP 190)
  • Address: 929 Benavidez Street
  • Open hours: 7AM – 10:30PM

Ongpin Mañosa Restaurant

  • Why visit: One of the oldest small eateries that brings back childhood memories of classic Chinese comfort food.
  •  Recommended dish: Maki (PHP 140)
  • Address: 926 Ongpin Street
  • Open hours: 10AM – 9PM

binondo food crawl

Manila Chinatown Street Food & Grocery Stores

Shin Tai Shang

  • Why visit: It’s a mini-grocery of Taiwanese food and goods that are great pasalubong ideas
  • Recommended dish: Green Tea and Plum Cake (PHP 40)
  • Address: 815 Salazar Street
  • Open hours: 8AM – 8PM

Ang Tunay Beef House

  • Why visit: Despite being a beef house, they offer a variety of vegetable and seafood dishes — great for vegans and pescatarians
  • Recommended dish: Beef Noodle Soup (PHP 180)
  • Address: 825 Sabino Padilla Street
  • Open hours: 7AM – 9:30PM

LGA Fast Food-Estero

  • Why visit: Best known for some exotic dishes like frog legs with various savory flavors, straight from the nearby estero.
  • Recommended dish: Fried Garlic Frog Legs (PHP 120)
  • Address: Ongpin Street
  • Open hours: 9:30AM – 9PM

Tasty Dumplings

  • Why visit: Received some mixed reviews in terms of their dumplings, but unique offers like the hongma might be worth a try
  • Recommended dish: Hong Ma (PHP 200), Silver Roll Bread (PHP 80)
  • Address: 641 Norberto Ty corner Yuchengco Street
  • Open hours: 9AM – 9PM

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Next time you go to the Manila Chinatown, keep this list of Binondo food trip. If you have any questions, message me on Facebook, I answer everything!

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binondo food crawl
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