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UST Food Trip: Affordable Restaurant Guides on Where to Eat Near UST

ust food trip map

Where to eat near UST? Here’s a UST food trip map, a guide to affordable restaurants, cafés, homecooked dishes, karinderia, dessert places, & carpark food!

I’m not a graduate from the University of Sto. Tomas — but the people closest to me, such as my fiance, mom, and now my Maid of Honor, are!

During the early years of our relationship, Josh and I have grown to love various campuses. UP Diliman, UP Los Banos, DLSU (during our stint in grad school), and UST, the lair of the Growling Tigers in Sampaloc, Manila. Before, when we’re feeling cheap, we’d ride to UST and have some good old karinderia food and fruit shakes — both are a lot cheaper than UP, where I’m from!

As I stayed overnight to review a RedDoorz property near UST, I figured this will be the perfect time to write about our years-long gastronomic adventures in the Thomasian territory. Finally, I created my own UST food trip map from Padre Noval Street and beyond. Here are places to eat near USTe — from carpark stalls and fancy café restaurants to affordable eateries and dessert places:

UST Karinderias, Silogan, & Canteens

Mang Tootz

  • Why visit: Probably the most well-known UST karinderia for its all-tme favorite Banana Rhum-a — their signature mini-turon. Hanging on the walls of Mang Tootz’ are celebrities who have dropped by his humble restaurant. You’d even catch him happily serving meals to the next generation of Thomasians.
  • Recommended dish: Banana Rhum-a (PHP 10 for 3pcs.)
  • Address: 1135 P. Noval St.
  • Open hours: 6AM – 9PM


  • Why visit: A well-known place for lutong bahay ulam near UST that is budget-friendly for the collegiate crowd.
  • Recommended dish: Burger, bacon, and egg with rice (PHP 65)
  • Address: 1224 Asturias St.
  • Open hours: 9AM – 9:30PM

Dimsum Treats

  • Why visit: Every college campus has to have their go-to siomai place — and for UST students, one of those is Dimsum Treats! In fact, they have opened multiple branches all over Sampaloc, Manila.
  • Recommended dish: Japanese Siomai (PHP 35)
  • Address: 1217 Juaning St.
  • Open hours: 8AM – 2AM

Cow-Wow Sausage Haus

  • Why visit: Think silogan but sausages — German, Hungarian, Schublig, Polish, with mashed potatoes or spaghetti on the side. All within a student’s budget.
  • Recommended dish: Cheesy German Sausage (PHP 75)
  • Address: 937 P. Noval St.
  • Open hours: 8AM – 10PM

Lopez Canteen

  • Why visit: One of the oldest restaurants near UST, since 1960 so the feel is very homey. They’ve probably served homecooked meals to your parents if they’re UST alumni!
  • Recommended dish: Homecooked meals vary per day. Try Palabok and Kare-kare
  • Address: 1203 Unit A-4 I. Delos Reyes St.
  • Open hours: 6AM – 9PM

Sisig Express

  • Why visit: What Thomasians would mean if they ever say, “SEx” tayo. Sisig is a staple not just for inuman but for lunch breaks, too.
  • Recommended dish: Pork sisig with egg
  • Address: V. Concepcion St. / Dapitan St. cor. Dos Castiilas St.
  • Open hours: 8AM – 10PM

Angkong Siomai

  • Why visit: Siomai is a staple for cheap college students, so there are two in this UST food map. As the saying goes, “Ang Tomasinong nagigipit, sa Siomai Rice kumakapit”.
  • Recommended dish: Angkong Siomai Rice (PHP 50)
  • Address: 1241 Asturias St.
  • Open hours: 10AM – 7:30PM
ust karinderia canteen homecooked food

UST Carpark Food

When I was a college student, I’d visit some of my high school friends who went to UST. One of my wonders was the UST carpark restaurants! There were fast-food chains right inside the campus. Here are some of the kiosks at the UST Multi-deck Parking inside the campus:

Pasta Boy

  • Why visit: Josh have always bragged about Pasta Boy — a handy pasta snack to go that’s affordable and filling for students.
  • Recommended dish: Pasta Boy Pasta (PHP 85)
  • Open hours: 8AM – 6PM

Spam Musubi

  • Why visit: D2B Multi-Ventures Inc. in UST carpark sells this popular snack that many others have tried to recreate — grilled spam, rice, nori combo (best with egg, too)
  • Recommended dish: Single Spam with Egg (PHP 50)

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

  • Why visit: A dish made popular in DLSU found its way to the UST Campus — with its bacon, egg, and cheesy goodness. A bit overrated for me, but you can try what hype’s about
  • Recommended dish: Bacsilog (PHP 74)
  • Open hours: 9AM – 8PM

Sadly, I’m not sure if other UST carpark kiosks are still open, such as Big Martha, Cantonese Dimsum, and more. If you have any information, comment below!

Cafés & Places to study near UST

Over the years, the cafes near UST had such a quick turnover — the landmark cafés such as The Eatles or Cafe UK Co. have now disappeared from Padre Noval Street and replaced with new ones. Since I’m not sure if these cafés will turn out to be “classics”, I chose to include only the long-standing cafés in this UST food trip map:


  • Why visit: Every campus since to have a go-to milk tea places, and one of the pioneers in Padre Noval Street is D’Cream. It has become the best nostalgic drink for UST alumni.
  • Recommended drink: Golden Sun Milk Tea (PHP 55)
  • Address: 955, 1015 P. Noval St.
  • Open hours: 10AM – 10PM

Coffee Indulgence

  • Why visit: Caffeine is definitely a must for students pulling all-nighters. Coffee Indulgence is one of the most popular places to get your coffee fix, though there’s no WiFi here!
  • Recommended drink: Vanilla Caramel (PHP 80)
  • Address: 1051 P. Noval St.
  • Open hours: 9AM – 9PM

iChill Theater Cafe

  • Why visit: Josh and I actually met the owner before he started this cafe! iChill is a themed- café with karaoke sets that’s great for Friday night dinner and chill.
  • Recommended drink: Vanilla Caramel (PHP 80)
  • Address: 1125 Dos Castillas Street
  • Open hours: 10AM – 2AM

Amo Yamie Crib Coffee

  • Why visit: The perfect place for a serious group study for their WiFi, coffee, and Instagrammable desserts.
  • Recommended dish: Oreo & Juliet Frappe (PHP 129)
  • Address: 3F DB Building P. Noval St. cor. Espana Boulevard
  • Open hours: 9AM – 10PM

UST Food Map: Foreign Cuisines, Inuman, & Dessert Places


  • Why visit: Though the name suggests Greek dishes, it’s actually an eatery of Japanese and Korean meals! Enjoy kimbab, bibimbap, and kimchi in this place for K-pop and K-drama lovers.
  • Recommended dish: Beef Roll (PHP 120) Bibimbap (PHP 160)
  • Address: 981 P. Noval St.
  • Open hours: 9AM – 9PM

SR Thai Cuisine

  • Why visit: Thai food is a great alternative for USTe students who are looking to add more veggies to their lunch meals without breaking the bank.
  • Recommended dish: Pad thai (PHP 120)
  • Address: 965 P. Noval St.
  • Open hours: 9AM – 9PM

Acustica Bistro & Lounge

  • Why visit: The Varsitarian has repoted that UST shuts down inuman or beer places near campus, but Acustica Bistro & Lounge thrives for students and alumni who want to chill over great music and beer.
  • Recommended dish & drink: Sizzling Pork Sisig (PHP 180) San Mig Pale (PHP 60)
  • Address: 2F Didache Building, 1508 España Boulevard
  • Open hours: 5PM – 3AM

Samgyupsalamat Fusebox UST

  • Why visit: Lots of Filipinos love unlimited Korean barbecue and UST students are no exception! It is found in the Fusebox Food Park that offers more food within the same hip trailer-esque building
  • Recommended dish: Pork & Beef – 10 kinds (PHP 499) No time limit
  • Address: 2F Fusebox Building, 1254-1258 Asturias St.
  • Open hours: 11AM – 11PM


  • Why visit: A Japanese restaurant that’s a little bit higher than student meal price, but hey, students can splurge for good Jap food from time to time!
  • Recommended dish: Takoyaki (PHP 45) Cheese Roll Katsu (PHP 200)
  • Address: 1055 P. Noval St.
  • Open hours: 8AM – 12MN
ust restaurants

Now, I’m not a P. Noval local so forgive me if I might have missed some items in this UST food trip map! I made sure to include restaurants that have mostly stood the test of time. Next time you go to this Sampaloc, Manila campus, keep this  UST food trip map. If you have any questions, message me on Facebook, I answer everything!

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