Treasure Mountain: Tanay Attraction Day Trip Review, Rates, and Blog

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Enjoy amazing views without the hike! Treasure Mountain in Tanay is great for quick camping trips and sunrise catching with a chance of sea of clouds.

I admit — even though I love climbing mountains, there are days when I wish there was a direct road to the summit. Now, that is no longer a distant wish with Treasure Mountain.

On our quick day trip to Tanay, we got to enjoy the perks of the short drive from Manila and amazing mountain views without needing to hike. That’s great news for families with young kids or senior citizens.

We took our Josh’s recently graduated pamangkin, Joey, to savor the sight. We drove at around 3AM, navigating around the dark roads of Marilaque Highway at pre-dawn to the tune of Eraserheads.

The zigzag roads kept us awake all morning, but when we woke up in time for sunrise at Treasure Mountain, I found the adventure was too easy and rewarding. Anyone can drive here on one free morning, and be able to come back to Manila just as quickly.

Not to mention, this Tanay attraction is also a great option for bikers and motorcycle riders for quick trips. The roads are mostly sleek and well-maintained (rider-friendly), and the steepness is manageable. Hopefully this Treasure Mountain blog will encourage you discover this treasure:

treasure mountain day trip

How to go to Treasure Mountain

One of the plus points for Treasure Mountain is its proximity to Manila. Depending on city traffic, you can get there in 2 hours or less. Commuting is also a minor difficulty, although it is trickier during later hours of day or dawn. There are two major roads to take depending on where you’ll be coming from:

Via Ortigas Extension. If you’re coming from the south of Metro Manila such as Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati, and Pasay, the closest way is thru Ortigas Extension by turning right at Robison’s Galleria. Fair warning that this route usually has heavy traffic especially during rush hour in the evening and you’ll be riding with buses, jeeps, and private cars alike.

Via Marcos Highway. If you’re coming from north of Metro Manila such as Quezon City, Marikina, or some parts of Pasig City, you can take Marcos Highway for a more direct route. The build-up is usually at Sta. Lucia Mall intersecting with Imelda Avenue and in the construction of MRT-2 extensions.

If you’re using Waze, use the pin “Treasure Mountain Educational Campsite”. You’ll find it on the left side of the Marilaque Highway beside a waiting shed. Keep an eye out for it when driving in the dark, as it might be easy to miss. The waiting shed is the same jump-off as the Maysawa Circuit when climbing Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan. From the waiting shed, it’s 1.5 kilometers away from Treasure Mountain. Simply drive straight the bumpy roads and turn right when you see the signage.

Know that the road to Treasure Mountain can be muddy, sandy, and rocky. At one point on the downhill road to the campsite, we feared our SUV might fall into the steep ditches and the narrow roads in the dark. If your car, bike, or motorcycle isn’t in good condition to make it to the parking area, just park at your own risk within the vicinity and walk downhill.

Commuting to Treasure Mountain. If you’re taking public transportation, there are so many available routes to take. From Cubao or Katipunan Avenue, you can take vans or jeeps going to Cogeo (PHP 24) and get down at Cogeo Gate 2 or Padilla. Then, ride a jeepney bound to Sampaloc, Tanay (PHP 45). Note that the last trip of jeepneys bound to Sampaloc, Tanay is at around 5 or 6 pm.

Get off at Sitio Maysawa waiting shed or the jump-off to the Maysawa Circuit . From there, you may go on a 45 minute walk to Treasure Mountain or ride a tricycle to get there at around PHP 50 per pax.

Treasure Mountain directions

Treasure Mountain Rates

Since Treasure Mountain isn’t exactly the forest adventure you’re looking for, I can consider this a “glamping site”. The prices are therefore pricier than usual. My recommendation if you want to save is to avail of the day trip package instead of an overnight package. It’s already a pretty good deal already and allows walk-ins for some of us who can’t make up our minds.

If you truly want to experience camping overnight in the mountain, keep this latest Treasure Mountain rates in mind:

Walk-ins. The entrance fee for walk-ins at Treasure Mountain is PHP 150 per head from 4AM to 3PM. No reservation required.

Overnight stay. Staying overnight is PHP 200 per head from 4PM to 1PM the next day. Be sure to reserve first if you’re staying overnight and to arrive before 8PM.

Camping. If you’re pitching your own tent, the fee is PHP 300 per tent. Tent rentals are also available at PHP 500 (2 pax) and PHP 800 (4 pax). A deposit fee is required — PHP 1,000 for 2 pax, and PHP 1,500 for 4 pax. No need to pay tent-pitching fee is you’re renting. If you’re camping, you can also rent sleeping mats for PHP 200, which comes with a pillow and blanket.

Lodges and huts. For added comfort, you can stay at a lodge for PHP 500 per head with a minimum number of 2 guests and maximum of 5 guests. There are also huts for rent at PHP 3,500 for a maximum number of 6 guests.

Kids. Children below 6 years old come in free.

Amenities. Treasure Mountain has a mini-store that sell snacks, toiletries, and beverages.

Things to know about Treasure Mountain trip

  • Recommended tour organizer. If you want to know the cheap budget tour organizer, send me a message.
  • Best time to travel. If you’re going on a day trip, entrance is allowed as early as 4AM. I advise you to come to the place at 5AM latest to secure tickets and your spots before sunrise. You’ll find that there will be a line and you might miss the sunrise. If you’re staying overnight, check-in is at 2PM which is advisable to get good spots to pitch a tent. If you don’t like long waiting times and the hot afternoon, feel free to go in the evening but not beyond 8PM.
  • Total ride time. Driving at dawn means quick traffic flow, maybe less than 2 hours from Manila. If you’re driving in the regular hours, expect some build-up in Marikina and Antipolo area.
  • Road weather. It’s still an urban set-up until Antipolo, which means hot roads that will eventually cool when you reach higher grounds. Be careful during monsoon periods where inclined roads turn slippery and dangerous.
  • Gas, air, and toilet stop. Be sure to fuel up and finish your business before going to Marilaque Highway (Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon or simply Marikina-Infanta road) because there are very few gas stations there, none of which are major brands too and are closed at dawn.
  • Where to eat. There are many fast food restaurants and malls along Marcos Highway open from 10AM to 9PM where you can grab early breakfasts or dinners. However, beyond Marilaque Highway in the wee hours of dawn, there is sadly no food available. In Treasure Mountain area itself, there is a hut-restaurant selling Filipino breakfast, at a rate of around PHP 120.
  • What to wear. Jackets, scarves, closed shoes, and track pants or cargo pants are good combinations if you’re riding. At the wee hours of dawn, the temperature is cooler, so try to cover up. Since there’s no hiking required, you can choose more comfortable outfits instead of the usual rashguards and sportswear. Plus if you’re going on a day trip, no need to bring extra clothes. P.S. I’m wearing scarfies from the HeadWare, they’re the best!
  • Things to bring. Bring cold-proof outfits for the cool weather. You’ll also save money if you bring food and water. Note that for alcohol beverages, there is PHP 50 per bottle corkage fee. Extra money is also required for deposits when renting tents.
  • How to commute to Treasure Mountain. From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo Gate 2 via Marcos highway (PHP 25). From Cogeo Gate 2, walk along Olalia Road until the jeepney terminal going to Sampaloc near City Mall of Antipolo (PHP 45). Get off at Sitio Maysawa Circuit jump off. From there, you can either take a walk (30-45 minutes) or ride a tricycle to Treasure Mountain (PHP 50).
  • Treasure Mountain contact number. Please comment below or LIKE and message me via Facebook page to get updated private contacts of Treasure Mountain.
  • Things to do in Treasure Mountain. Savor the view, breathe in the fresh air, and take photos on the simple limestone rock formations. You can also do side trips in Bosay Falls.

More Rizal attractions

tanay rizal attractions

We truly enjoyed our Treasure Mountain trip! It’s a Tanay attraction I can recommend to friends who don’t like hiking but like mountain views.

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        -Glaiza. Charot!

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          Update: Treasure Mountain contact number: 09179461200

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