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Hi! I’m Sam Coronado, creator of followyouroad. If you want to start traveling the Philippines without the aide of tour packages but don’t know where to start, this blog is for you.

My goals for followyouroad are simple: to empower you to go on unique adventures all over the Philippines by providing digital inspiration, giving out free do-it-yourself guides, and creating a community as an avenue to share your stories.


Ideas for your Weekend Adventure

The Philippines is naturally super beautiful, and we don’t really have to go that far to see it. Every weekend you can choose to go on mini-adventures from going to the highest peaks, diving to the seas or discovering wonders of the city life. You can start here:

  • Earth — Everything scaling up summits, exploring caves and conquering rocks can be found here.
  • City — Urban landmarks, local festivities and attractions out and about the city of your choice.
  • Seas — Your dose sea adventures whether it’s scuba diving or island hopping.


Find the Inspiration to Travel

We have more reasons to travel aside from going on adventures and learning about other cultures. We travel because there is a journey within us. In this section, it’s Destination: Self.

  • Wanderlust — Thoughts about why we millennials travel, and more published hugot articles.
  • Life Lately — Real, spontaneous and amusing stories of serendipitous meetings on the road.
  • Social Work — Sharing eye-opening experiences with volunteering and freelancing for NGOs.

Looking for Reviews? Try these instead…

We can tone the adrenaline down a bit to sample food, try out staycation spots and test gears. This is for those who wants to get an idea on their gastronomic adventures, local stays or next product investment. You can start here:

  • Eats — All the food you can taste at a specific area, I’ve sampled them for you. You’re welcome.
  • Stays — Into various local accommodations from upscale hotels to hipster hostels.
  • Gears — Trying out sports and outdoors gears, wears and equipment.
  • Hacks — Get tips on how to travel cheaper, longer, farther and overall better.

Advertisements and Sponsorships

For companies who want to collaborate with the blog, I can offer various products and services specially for you. I can review your products and services, provide you high-resolution photos, and spread the good news about your brand. For more details, please read this.

Backpacking Where?

Maybe you already have your flights booked and trails mapped out but don’t know what to see in a certain town. This tab is super helpful! Simply look at the sidebar and choose which city you’re headed for to find out places to visit and activities to try.


Get Free Travel Itineraries

If you want to get commute instructions, recommended hostel stays, estimated budget and daytrip itineraries, I give them away for free. Because I’d love to share with you some insights and guidance that I’ve learned about DIY traveling the Philippines.

Simply sign up and you will receive our exclusive destination guides. Ask your friends to do the same!


Find and Book Accommodations

I am a member of TravelBook.PH’s blogger affiliate programs, which means that I earn for every booking you make off my website. Hope I can help you find your next hotel stay, and you can help me earn too.

Finally, thank you!

I’m really happy that you dropped by my travel blog.

Know that followyouroad is here for you. Feel free to send me a tweet if you have questions, or to email me directly via sam@followyouroad.com. Tell me your stories and let me know how to help you!eSignature 🙂




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