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My Quarantine Glow-up 1: Achieving my target weight

After so many years, I finally reached my target weight!

What’s interesting is that I did it without paying for classes, using gym equipment, or lifting heavy weights. Not to mention, I did it during quarantine when I’m more anxious and stressed.

Ever since the quarantine began, I focused on turning inward by controlling whatever I can — what I feed my mind and body. I have resigned myself to this new normal by aiming for new self-improvement projects, one of which is becoming more fit.

This is just the first Quarantine Glow-up I will share since I finally reached my goal! Please note that I’m not an expert and this is not meant to substitute professional advice. I am merely sharing my experience.

For now, let me take you to 2019…

Sep 2019: It was the first time I bought a scale and I was SHOOKT. I weighed 61.6kg!

At the time, I’ve already lost some weight after switching from a full-time office work to remote work. Thus, I cooked more and had more time to exercise. Still, I did not expect the numbers.

Dec 2019: My average weight until the end of 2019 was around ~59kg.

Since then, I’ve tried being more mindful about exercising. In particular, I mostly lifted weights. When the holidays set in and I let my weight-tracking go because it was time to enjoy food with family and friends.

Apr vs. Nov 2019 – not bad! The bangs and the braces helped. Haha.

Jan 2020: My first weigh-in this year was at 60kg.

I incorporated more variety in my exercise — I used the condo’s amenities more, such as the swimming pool and the gym treadmill. Towards the end of March, I also enrolled in muay thai classes. My weight won’t significantly budge, and then…

2019 exercise photos: I don’t like taking pictures of me exercising in general so that I won’t focus on the social approval

Mar 2020: The quarantine set in!

I stayed in Cavite for 2.5 months. In the first two months, I did weight lifting almost daily to reduce my anxiety level. You’ll find later on that it’s not the best choice.

I wasn’t prepared at all — I didn’t bring home fancy workout clothes or even rubber shoes! I mostly exercised barefoot, sometimes with loose shirts (and basketball shorts) from my brothers. Since I didn’t have a scale, that’s when I started taking photos of my progress.

I wasn’t particularly trying to lose weight, although a part of me did hope there’d be some kind of “Quarantine Glow-up” by controlling what I can — my own fitness level.

May 2020: After two straight months of lifting, I got bored and saw that everyone was trying the #ChloeTingChallenge.

I dipped my toes into it by trying the shortest one — the 2-Week Shred Challenge. I immediately saw results that I never did with just purely weight lifting. Still, I had no way to know except for pictures because I didn’t have a scale with me.

I know that Chloe Ting also draws flak because I’m not sure if she’s a certified fitness trainer. But hey, it was free on YouTube so I gave it a try.

End of 2 months Weightlifting vs. End of Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred Challenge

By that time, I tried my hand on One Meal A Day (OMAD) and succeeded doing it twice in Cavite. I also started a new Chloe Ting Challenge. When I came back to QC, I thought for sure I’d see some changes in the scale, but…

June 1: To my disappointment, I stayed at 58kg!

Perhaps without knowing it, I gained more weight in the middle of the quarantine and only started to shred it off in the last few weeks. Well, it could also be muscle mass, but I have no way of knowing.

Still, I persevered and continued Chloe’s 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge. I generally chose that set because it’s older and my OC self wanted to do the challenges chronologically.

I did just one OMAD in QC. I cooked to finish off the relief canned goods, had one week of meal delivery (though I still ate on the side), and generally ate intuitively. Slowly, I saw the weight drop with numbers this time.

At the start of the 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge, I started seeing more definition

June 19: It was the last day of the 30-day challenge.

At the beginning of this challenge, even though I’ve lifted weights, I couldn’t go through one video without pausing every other exercise. I also couldn’t do side planks at all! But my strength grew towards the end.

I woke up and measured my weight as usual. To my surprise, I reached the weight I haven’t seen since 2016! I was at 54.9 — just below 55kg!

Take note that my weight may fluctuate throughout the day, but just crossing that mark was mentally rewarding.

End of 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge (filtered version)

Realizations — from my experience, not as an expert:

  • Keep a weighing scale but don’t get too emotional about the numbers. It’s just better to know the truth.
  • Aim for consistency rather than drastic measures. I personally aim to be strong, not skinny.
  • Because I didn’t like jumping or getting my heart rate up, I focused more on lifting weights for months. That’s why I plateaued. It pays to do the things you don’t particularly like, which, to me, was HIIT cardio.
  • Rest. I ignored the rest days when I was weight lifting. My results never improved and may have even sabotaged the process without me knowing it. Meanwhile, I followed Chloe’s rest days even if it went against my will and still got good results.
  • I listened to my body. During days of my period, I saw how lethargic I felt and the difference it made with my workouts. I simply went slower, did the low-impact versions, or saved the last video for the next day. But I didn’t stop.
  • My body type. I suspected that I’m a mesomorph, that is, I build muscle easily and respond to new exercises fast. I have the tendency to plateau too if I don’t switch up my routines. Again, these are my speculations.
  • P.S. I don’t flex / suck-in for my photos because who will I be kidding? I also try to use the same sports bra and low-cut undies to avoid camera tricks

My Quarantine Glow-up! Almost 45 Days of consistent hard work. Photo taken May 9 vs June 19, 2020


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