Photobook Philippines Review: App, Website, & Voucher Codes!

photobook philippines review

Want to create printed albums via Photobook PH app or website? Here’s my honest Photobook Philippines review (with voucher codes)!

I’ve wanted to create a photobook for the longest time!

Because of this travel blog, I’ve taken a handful of photos that are pretty enough for Instagram. However, most of them ended up online or on social media — never printed. I’ve always been afraid that one cybersecurity threat or hack would wipe out my photos.

Thankfully, I’m very religious in archiving ever since. During our engagement, I found an excuse to print our travel pics using Photobook Philippines.

Here’s my honest and non-sponsored Photobook PH review:

About Photobook PH Website & App

Photobook Philippines is a website and app that allows you to create art using personal photos. It’s best known for “photobooks”, which is a photo album you create online and then later printed. Photobook allows you to add photos, customize the layout (e.g. texts or clip-arts), choose the book quality, and the physical size of your album.

Aside from photo albums, they also offer wall & home decorations, stationery & cards, calendars, prints, gifts (corporate & personal), and apparel merchandise. They also have collections from global brands like Marvel, Disney, and Barbie.

Basically, Photobook Philippines is a one-stop shop for making a hardcopy of your digital memories. Below, you can see the cover of my creation! It’s a compilation of our photos for the past 6 years before getting married.

photobook PH review

How to Order on Photobook Philippines

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a photobook, along with my personal tips and recommendations:

  1. Download the Photobook Worldwide app or go to their website. Sign in or sign up if you have an existing account. Then, if you want a template or layout for your photo album like me, select Readybooks
  2. Choose a theme. You can choose blank or a theme, which is a collection of layouts that defines the look of your album. Themes range from travel, family fun, holiday, or even Marvel, Disney, or Star Wars, etc.
  3. Choose a template. From the theme, select the template you want. Feel free to browse through various templates as the looks of their page layouts also vary. Note that some of these templates are paid upgrades. For my project, I chose Wedding > All of you
  4. Choose your orientation and size. Orientation could be square, portrait, or landscape. The size ranges from 6 inches up to 17.5 inches. I chose Large Square 11″ x 11″ because of the special occasion
  5. Choose cover type. You can select from different varieties of softcover and hardcover and their quality. I chose Imagewrap Cover
  6. Choose binding type. You can choose from different types of binding depending on how flat you want the pages to be. I chose Perfect Binding. Once you’re ready, click “Start Book”
  7. Add photos. In the dashboard, upload the photos you want to include. You can enhance these photos beforehand. As much as possible, choose hi-res photos so that they won’t be pixelated during printing
  8. Add pages. You can choose to duplicate or remove certain theme layouts. Build your photobook up to the desired number of pages. I chose around 94 pages
  9. Customize. You can add text and clip-arts, change backgrounds and layouts, or add masks and frames. You can preview your work on the dashboard and will be notified if some of your photos are low-res or some of the add-ons exceed the margins. Take your time! I took two full days because I was in a rush
  10. Add to cart. You can find the total amount in the upper right hand corner. Once you’re ready and your photos are up, click “Order”. You will be led to a shopping cart where you can see the total amount of your order. If you have Photobook voucher codes, encode them on the space provided
  11. Choose cover finish & paper quality. One last customization you can do is to change the cover finish (semi-gloss or matte) and paper quality (between matte, glossy, or silk). Then, click “Next”
  12. Shipping & payment. You will be asked to input your shipping and payment details. They accept payment via PayMaya, PayPal, GCash, Mastercard, or Visa. Choose your preferred shipping method based on the price and expected time of delivery. Once you input your details, click “Order now”. Depending on your payment method, you will be led to pages where you can immediately pay for your photobook. I chose GCash and the 5-7 days shipping
  13. Wait for your photobook. After your payment confirmation, wait for the email about your delivery tracking number. They will also send a text message on the day of delivery to you. Expect your photobook according to the shipping courier you chose. In my experience, they were truly on time!
photobook philippines voucher codes

My Photobook Philippines Review

Now, here’s the Photobook Philippines review of my personal experience — from dashboard to delivery.

Dashboard. Photobook PH allows you to create your albums online using their dashboard. Thankfully, it is very user-friendly. If you are used to photo editing apps or using Canva, you’ll understand it intuitively. You can also choose pre-made templates and simply auto-fill your pictures.

The website also does not lag, despite uploaded hundreds of pictures. I wasn’t worried whether I had unsaved work, though it helps to frequently click the “Save” button. I did not edit my chose template as much, except for adding texts. It took me two whole days to make a 94-page album.

Editing photos. The Photobook dashboard does not affect the resolution of your photos. I recommend that you enhance your photos first before uploading them to the dashboard. For example, I set some photos to black & white and increased saturation or brightness of dull photos. If you’re feeling extra, you can choose to add filters to unify the look of your album. Once you’re done, upload your enhanced photos to check if they can be rendered nicely.

Paid upgrades. As part of this Photobook Philippines review, note that the platform charges extra for upgrades. You can sacrifice credits or pay more to choose features for the cover, templates, paper quality, and accessories. Sometimes the website does not explicitly indicate which upgrade takes up more credits. Be sure to check these and adjust before your final payment.

In my experience, I purchased the 11″ x 11″, 100-page promo package, which is at PHP 1,800. However, this amount is equivalent only to around 7,600 credits and I quickly learned that it was not enough for a 100-page album because the template was a paid upgrade. The shipping fee was also extra pricey because of the album weight. Overall, I only published around 94 pages in total with the credits I had.

Price rates. Creating a photobook isn’t cheap. But they are relatively affordable, considering that printing photos are usually expensive even from your local printing shop. You are also paying for the dashboard features and convenience that the album will turn out looking exactly as you designed it.

Keep in mind that you have to pay for shipping, too. The fee might vary depending on the weight of your album. Make sure to budget around PHP 200-500 for delivery since these are still imported from abroad.

Delivery time. Depending on your shipping method, you can have your photobook between 3-10 business days. In my experience, they were reliable in this. I was a bit worried they might deliver late (due to COVID19 restrictions), but they arrived exactly on time.

At the same time, the photobook was also well-packaged in tight-fitting box-quality cardboard. It didn’t have any dents, stains, or scratches along the way. This is a relief considering I chose a big 11″ x 11″ album.

Print quality. The prints turned out well, with a minor exception for some low-res photos that I insisted on including (My choice! I was notified they were low-res). Even though I used an SLR camera or a hi-res photo camera, some photos will turn out more blurry than others.

The book looked durable and potentially could last a long time. As a tip, it might be better to choose semi-glossy finishes for the cover and the paper to make it a little more water-resistant. I also suggest you keep it in a low-humidity area.

photobook philippines review

Photobook Philippines Voucher Codes

For this honest Photobook Philippines review, I’ll tell you that using voucher codes is tricky. Photobook has many sales promotions but it’s hard to tell if you’ve actually gotten a discount.

Most of the free vouchers you see online are either expired or does not work. This is true for vouchers you can find on the Photobook website and on press releases. You can purchase voucher codes on discount websites such as Metrodeal or Ensogo. But usually, these are limited to specific features, for example, only available for 6″ x 6″ size or 40 pages.

Sometimes, some vouchers work only on the app vs. website, or desktop vs. laptop. Make sure to read the terms and conditions especially if you’re going to pay for the codes. You can also opt to buy from their Lazada page, although I do not how much information on how it works there.

For your reference here are links to Photobook PH voucher codes:

I’ve tried entering Photobook PH promo codes that I found online but none of them worked. So take the “sales promos” with a grain of salt. Be ready to pay in full anyway.

I hope you like my honest Photobook Philippines review! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on Facebook or comment below. I answer everything!

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