Penang Bird Park: Meeting 300 Species of Birds in One Day

Across the island are attractions such as the Penang Bird Park, the first and largest bird park in Malaysia with over 300 species of birds from all over the planet.

942106_10200178802766788_763465742_n 13394_10200178750485481_767326616_nTo go to the mainland, one either has to cross the Penang Bridge or take the ferry to Butterworth. We took the latter because it was extremely cheap (under RM2!)  and provides a great view of the island from the sea.

946943_10200178753885566_81187671_n 944430_10200178790326477_174548653_n 48070_10200178771085996_109587899_n 374581_10200178772966043_445890843_n 936190_10200178759845715_2055217285_n 923453_10200178753405554_1488361747_nThe entrance fee is expensive, at about RM29 with an additional fee for cameras. We weren’t too thrilled, as such, to see caged birds at such high prices. But they weren’t kidding bout diversity!


62643_10200178786326377_93177446_n 11761_10200178777406154_1882984025_n 544316_10200178793086546_1440722299_nThere was a small show of birds doing tricks at 3PM daily. Although the birds are cute, they weren’t able to perform most of the tricks. So if you’re the same kind of traveler as we are, we wouldn’t recommend the Bird Park (sorry!).

936784_10200178752325527_793379440_n 941792_10200178764965843_230789636_n 551330_10200178758565683_1574842802_nAt the end of a sunny stroll around the park, we chilled at the nearby Sunway Carnival Mall, eating yummy-looking cakes from Bread History!


936188_10200178793726562_38257949_n 263166_10200178796006619_1527230076_n

936700_10200178798406679_811600667_n (1)We rode the ferry back to the island, and dropped by our favorite hangout, Tea Tac Toe near Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM),


Later on, I went with Michelle


253227_10200178810606984_1973560406_n 269650_10200178811407004_1689872024_n 601805_10200198175331090_23279694_n


Behold the Great Wall of Manga!

A tiring and humid day it was, credits to the sticky bay air, but it was a new thing to get out of the island after spending some weeks going around it.


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    Jojo Vito
    March 1, 2015 at 12:26 PM

    the place was quite exciting….entrance fees are understandable for the place maintenance , but fees for the camera? hahaha, that’s awful ….

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