Northern Blossom Flower Farm: Daytrip to Atok, Benguet from Baguio City


Going to Baguio City? Take this short day trip to Atok, Benguet’s Northern Blossom Flower Farm and enjoy coffee, cool weather, and colorful flora!

Baguio City is known for many iconic childhood experiences — cool weather, strawberries, pine trees, coffee, and fresh flowers.

Just a short trip from Baguio City brings you to Atok, Benguet, the site of Northern Blossom Flower Farm. It’s one of the most popular landmarks in Benguet now because of the mountain views at sunrise and a variety of colorful flowers and rose cabbages. From its hills, you can also see a portion Mt. Pulag, the highest peak of Luzon.

One of Atok, Benguet’s barangays is the highest point in the Philippines within the highway system. Sadly, the municipality even experienced a hailstorm in 2018 — an event extremely rare for a tropical country. The temperature here can also drop to zero degrees, making imported seedlings bloom in such conditions but also occasionally covering crops with frost.

Here’s a guide on how you can DIY a Northern Blossom day trip from Baguio City:

atok benguet flowers

Our DIY Northern Blossom Flower Farm Review

Since our friends Kevin and Max took their wedding to Baguio City (congratulations! ❤️), Josh and I decided to stay behind and go to Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet. We were extremely lucky because three days before, the local tourism made an advisory that it will be temporarily closed starting Sunday due to nCov threats. We made it literally on the last day they are open.

February is one of the coldest months of the year and Benguet is known for its rainy weather, so it was no surprise it reached 13°C during our visit. We took the bus from Dangwa Bus Terminal and got off at Atok. We ate lunch and had coffee in a nearby eatery, and lined up for our turn at the flower farm.

Since it was raining, the trails were muddy and slippery. The crowd was thick, though the 3-hectare property is wide enough for us to see so many varieties of flowers and rose cabbages. Even though it was really meant to be a farm whose flowers are being shipped to Manila’s Dangwa Flower Market, the place is beautiful enough for a prenup shoot (just edit out the plastic roofings).

At the end of the flower farm tour, we enjoyed a cup of coffee and crackers, then we took a van on our way back to Baguio. Overall, this is a highly recommended side trip when you’re going to Sagada or Baguio City, but expect thick crowds on weekends.

How to go to Northern Blossom Flower Farm from Baguio City

Bus Schedule. To go to Northern Blossom Atok from Baguio City, go to Dangwa Bus Terminal and take a bus going to “Sagada Ambasing”, “Besao via Sagada”, or “Bontoc”. There bus schedules are from 5:30AM, 7AM, 8:30AM, 9:30AM, 10AM, 11:30AM, 1PM, 1:30PM, and 2:30PM. The fare is at PHP 75-85 depending on if you’re getting an airconditioned or non-AC / ordinary bus. Ask to be dropped off at Northern Blossom Flower Farm — there are signages on the right side of the road so keep watch (a tell-tale sign also is the number of vans parked).

On the way back from Northern Blossom to Baguio City, there are vans right outside the jump-off point and at Marosan’s Restaurant. The fare is at PHP 150. It’s advisable to finish the tour at 3PM so you can avoid traffic or long lines of commuters. On Sundays too, many of the kids in Atok go to Baguio City for their schooling.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm Entrance Fee. Regular entrance fee is at PHP 250. Senior citizens and PWD with IDs are PHP 200. Kids from 6-10 years old come in at PHP 50. Kids five and below are free. The entrance fee already includes a guide, though you can always give a tip. It also includes unlimited coffee and a pack of crackers at the end of the tour.

Schedule. Northern Blossom is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 6AM to 4:30PM. It closes for lunch break at 11:30AM to 1PM. It is closed on Mondays. Note: As of writing, the property is temporarily closed due to threats of COVID-19

Contact number. Kindly send a message on Facebook for updated contacts of Northern Blossoms Flower Farm.

Prenup. If you’re eyeing to do photoshoots of any kind, kindly inquire and take note that they are not available on weekends and on holidays.

Notes. Flying drones are not allowed in the area, except for photoshoot purposes with a separate rate.

Accommodation, Hotel, Homestays, & Transient Houses. There are many homestays in Northern Blossom, most notably being the one within the property. Staying overnight at transient houses is a great way to see the sunrise. Rates ranges at PHP 500 for 1 pax, PHP 1,500 for 2 pax up to PHP 3,500 for 5 pax.

Address. Brgy. Sayangan, Atok, Benguet

Nearby attractions. Other attractions near Northen Blossom is Sakura Park, Lourdes Grotto, Halsema Highway Highest Point, and Mt. Timbak.

Sample Day tour from Baguio Itinerary

TimeSample Itinerary (afternoon)
8AMBreakfast at Baguio City
9AMTaxi to Dangwa Bus Terminal; Purchase bus ticket
9:30AMETD Dangwa Bus Terminal to Northern Blossom Flower Farm
11:30AMETA Northern Blossom; Lunch at nearby eateries
12:30PMReturn to Northern Blossom booth to get number; Waiting time
1:30PMStart of Northern Blossom tour
3:00PMEnd of Northern Blossom tour; ETD van back to Baguio City
5:00PMETA Baguio City
northern blossom atok

Things to know about your Northern Blossom Atok, Benguet Trip

  • Best time to travel. Sunrise is the most ideal time to be at Northern Blossom. If you’re doing a DIY day trip, take the earliest bus at 5:30AM or book an overnight stay. By the afternoon, it’s much more crowded and the time is more limited, considering they have a lunch break and close at 4:30PM.
  • Total ride time. Atok, Benguet is 1.5 – 2 hours away from Baguio City. The road consists of sharp turns at the mountainside. It’s best to go when the weather conditions are good.
  • Mobile signals. Yes, there are mobile signals here!
  • Where to eat. There are many village eateries along the road, most notably Marosan’s Restaurant. On our end, we tried Midway since it’s downhill and near the jump-off point. Food ranges from rice meals, instant cup noodles, bread, coffee, and crackers.
  • What to wear. The climate in Benguet is typically cold and wet, so make sure you wear warm or waterproof clothing. Other things you can wear are bonnets or gloves. Expect your footwear to be muddied, so I advise wearing boots or sandals.
  • Souvenirs. You can definitely buy plants at Northern Blossom Flower Farm, most notably succulents and vegetables. However, I find that the price is similar to plants found in Manila, ranging from PHP 20-50 per pot. Our guide said you can also buy flowers here, though we did not see a flower stand on site.
  • Things to bring. Guests are required to bring IDs, especially those who qualify for discounts (seniors and PWDs). Bring an umbrella for the rain showers as well as cash to pay the entrance fee since there are no ATMs here. If you get motion sickness, bring your needed meds since the road can really make one dizzy.

North Luzon attractions

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We definitely loved our Baguio City side trip to Northern Blossom in Atok, Benguet. The flowers, cool weather, and warm coffee are worth the long, winding ride. Congrats again to our friends Kevin and Max! If you have any questions, message me on Facebook — I answer everything.


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    April Rodea
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    Ahhh! It’s so beautiful. This is my next to go to place. Been wanting to visit! I hope we can prevent/stop this nCov outbreak anytime soon. Anyway, will bookmark this for my future visit. Thanks! x

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      Sam Coronado
      February 27, 2020 at 8:31 AM

      They’ve officially reopened I think. Good luck with your visit! Hope this helped 🙂

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