Mt. Ayngat DIY: Day hike Blog with Asmican Falls Itinerary in Tanay, Rizal

mt ayngat diy

Climbing the famous Mt. Ayngat DIY style? Here’s a blog on the day hike details with Asmican Falls itinerary in Tanay, Rizal!

Mt. Ayngat is becoming one of the most popular mountains in Tanay, Rizal. It is best known for the droplet-shaped seat and the sea of clouds view, which many climbers find “Instagrammable”.

Yet the challenge lies at the mountain crowd on weekends and even the trail itself. There are more organized tours than Mt. Ayngat blogs to tell the story about the trail, so expectations might be different from reality.

After attempting to climb Mt. Ayngat DIY last year, I can finally write about this mountain and the trails to 8 Wonder Falls and Asmican Falls! Here’s what you need to know about climbing Mt. Ayngat DIY:

Solo Joiner Trip Blog (with 8 Wonder Falls / Asmican Falls)

If you remember on my previous Daranak Falls blog, I have tried climbing Mt. Ayngat last December with my fiance’s pamangkins. Unfortunately, the mountain required a certain level of fitness and a lot of them are first-timers, so we didn’t finish the climb. This January, I came back this month for a “revenge” climb!

Going to Mt. Ayngat DIY on a weekend is very challenging because the mountain gets extremely crowded. So I made it a point to choose a weekday trip. On a Thursday, I became a solo joiner to a climbing group. Surprisingly for me, going solo is great — I’ve always managed to make new friends by the time we descent.

Mt. Ayngat was indeed surprisingly difficult — the continuous ascent and the steep descent were tough on the knees. Just because a lot of people climb a mountain, doesn’t mean it’s easy! Still, I was rewarded with a sea of clouds view and good conversations as we waited for the sunrise.

mt ayngat sea of clouds

Mt. Ayngat Tanay, Rizal MASL, location, & trail difficulty

Mt. Ayngat is located in Brgy. Cayabu of Tanay, Rizal. It stands at 600 MASL which isn’t very high. Still, the jump-off point is low so you have to do the bulk of climbing! Brgy. Cayabu is further down the road of other mountains’ jump-off points such as the equally popular Mt. Mapalad.

Though tagged a “beginner mountain”, I have to say that even for experienced climbers like me, it was a tough climb. In terms of difficulty, the trail is a continuous assault from the very beginning until the summit. The trail was also narrow and steep, lined with blades of tall grass and a ravine on the other side. Near the summit was an assault that required some rope climb. Thankfully, the peak itself was wide, flat, and camping-friendly.

Since many tourists climb pre-dawn, there is a waiting time for the sunrise. And because of the mountain’s popularity, the time to take pictures on the landmark droplet seat may be limited due to the long queue. Except weekdays! We had unlimited time to loiter, take pics, and eat as we welcomed the new morning.

The descent to Asmican Falls, I find, was more difficult than the ascent! It was also a continuous steep downward slope which really made the knees hurt. The locals called the waterfalls 8 Wonder Falls because there were eight of them, almost all of which are along the way back. You will inevitably pass most of them with some steep bamboo-lined trails, rocky rope trails, and river crossing.

Overall, in terms of difficulty, I would say that Mt. Ayngat may be a “beginner mountain” but it’s not a first-time climb type of mountain.

tanay rizal mountain

Mt. Ayngat DIY Itinerary

For your next trip, here is a sample itinerary for a Mt. Ayngat DIY day hike:

1:00 AMETD going to Brgy. Cayabu jump-off point
3:00 AMETA Brgy. Cayabu jump-off point; Registration, Orientation, Start Ascent
5:00 AM ETA Mt. Ayngat summit, wait for sunrise photo-ops, breakfast
8:00 AMTrek to 8 Wonder Falls (Asmican Falls)
9:00 AMAsmican Falls swim and photo-ops
9:30 AMStart Descent
10:00 AMETA Brgy. Cayabu jump-off point; freshen up, rest, eat, prepare to leave
11:00 AMETD Manila
12:00 PMETA Manila

Here are some important details about a Mt. Ayngat DIY climb.

Camping. Staying overnight at Mt. Ayngat is allowable, though not many people do it so I would not recommend it. You may inquire at the registration area if there are additional fees for camping and guide fees.

Entrance Fee & Guide Fee. Guides are mandatory in Mt. Ayngat. You will have to pay for Registration fee at PHP 100 per person. The guide fee is PHP 500 for a group of five, and PHP 100 per person beyond five people. The parking fee is at PHP 50 per vehicle.

Shower. The jump-off point has 4 cubicles of clean toilet and showers. The shower fee is at PHP 20 per person. I believe they are trying to construct more showers because of the number of guests.

How to commute to Mt. Ayngat. From Cubao, take a jeep going to Cogeo Gate 2 or Cogeo Public Market. At Gate 2, ride a jeepney going to Sampaloc and get off at Brgy. San Andres. Tell the driver to drop you off at Mt. Ayngat jump-off point. Then, ride a tricycle going to Mt. Ayngat jump-off point. Note that the last trips back to Manila area at 5PM – PM.

Driving to Mt. Ayngat. Set your Waze pin to Brgy. Cayabu. Should you get lost and there’s no cell signal ask directions from the locals from the jump-off point from the other mountains.

Contacts. If you want updated contacts of Mt. Ayngat guides or tour organizers, send me a message on Facebook.

mt ayngat masl

Things to know about your Mt. Ayngat DIY Trip

  • Best time to travel. Begin the hike at 3AM latest to make it to the summit before sunrise and get a better chance at a sea of clouds view. Be careful during monsoon periods where the trails and rocks are slippery.
  • Total ride time. Driving at dawn means quick traffic flow, maybe around 2 hours from Manila. If you’re driving in the regular hours, expect some build-up in Marikina and Antipolo area.
  • Accessibility. Be sure to fuel up and finish your business before going to Marilaque Highway (Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon or simply Marikina-Infanta road) because there are very few gas stations there, none of which are major brands too and are closed at dawn. Keep in mind that there are no mobile sites around Mt. Ayngat.
  • Where to eat. There are many fast food restaurants and malls along Marcos Highway open from 10AM to 9PM where you can grab early breakfasts or dinners. In Mt. Ayngat area, there are sari-sari stores that are open at dawn selling snacks and coffee.
  • What to wear. Light clothing, sandals, and track pants or cargo pants are good combinations. I suggest wearing sandals because there are some river crossing that might get your feet wet. Since there are some very steep assaults and open trails try to cover up your skin with gloves, socks, or arm covers.
  • Things to bring. Since it’s a sunrise climb, bring flashlight or headlamp (I used just my phone’s). Waterproof your things if you’re swimming at 8 Wonder Falls or Asmican Falls. Bring toiletries if you plan to shower after. You’ll also save money if you bring sufficient food and water.
  • Mt. Ayngat contact number. Please comment below or LIKE and message me via Facebook page to get updated Mt. Ayngat contacts.
  • Things to do in Mt. Ayngat. Savor the view, breathe in the fresh air, and take photos on the famous droplet seat and sea of clouds view. The main side trip at 8 Wonder Falls and Asmican Falls.

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Finally, I was able to climb to Mt. Ayngat this time! The sea of clouds view was totally worth the difficult trails. If you have any questions, message me on Facebook, I answer everything!


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