Enchanted Kingdom: Day Trip in the Laguna Amusement Park

enchanted kingdom

Sure, you’ve been to the Enchanted Kingdom as a kid. But have you been in this amusement park as an adult? Here’s a guide for a day trip to the place where “the magic lives forever”.

Anything classic and nostalgic will always have a space in the millennial hearts.

One of those amusement parks that bring back the memories of a Filipino kid is the Enchanted Kingdom. It’s universally a place for field trips and destinations for special occasions. Though it’s more than 20 years old now, no theme park in the Philippines has even come close!

Here I recall the time when I returned to EK as an adult. I now have the common sense to go early and the courage to ride the most dizzying rides. However, I also had the sense not to ride the Space Shuttle — I just am too tita to handle headaches!

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Adult Rides at the Enchanted Kingdom

For kids of all ages, there are many rides to enjoy at Enchanted Kingdom with varying thrill levels. Here are just some of the rides to try — for us who are not quite kids anymore:

Wheel of Fate. From afar, this looks like your typical dreamy Ferris Wheel that gives you a bird’s eye view of the amusement park. Only it’s open air and 130 meters tall that makes it a thrill literally breathtaking ride, too. You can also turn the wheels to rotate the cart to give you a 360-degree view of Laguna.

Anchors Away. One of the theme park classics is this pendulum swing resembling a pirate ship, rocking us back and forth so up to around 70 degrees! I definitely left my heart in mid-air.

Flying Fiesta. When I was 14 years old, Flying Fiesta is the ride I rode six times! The thrill level of dipping and cresting is just enough to make your stomach flutter, but the swinging feeling is just exhilarating. It’s great for kids too since there are tandem seats for parents and kids.

Rio Grande Rapids. No doubt one of the most popular rides in the Enchanted Kingdom — obviously, also one with the longest lines. Rio Grande gets a glimpse of what rubber rafting in the wild is like. What I can guarantee is that you’re sure to get wet because the round raft rotates equally. Resistance is futile, so just enjoy the waves and the waterfall! I found one round too short because I really enjoyed the ride.

Jungle Log Jam. The more tamed version of the rapids is Jungle Log Jam. You’ll ride through winding roads, the climax of which is a super high waterfall-esque plunge. You’ll only get low-key wet, don’t worry. What’s best is that it goes around twice!

Disk-O-Magic. Visually, this is one of the scariest rides because it looks like a human washing machine. Facing the outside circle, Disk-O-Magic spins and rocks you around, up, and down — like a remix of Anchor’s Away only with rotating features. Well, it’s not as scary as it looks. I actually enjoyed the flying motion. The seats are also sturdy and tight which makes for lesser motion sickness or dizziness and more enjoyment.

Rialto. I know the recent improvements in cinema technology kinda makes Rialto old-fashioned. However, EK improved the 4D theater two years ago and even increased the number of seats. I’ve tried the Evia MX4D before but I have to say there’s something heartwarming about watching a short film in Rialto.

Roller Skater. This is my favorite ride since I was a high schooler because it’s the gentler version of the Space Shuttle. That doesn’t mean this mini roller coaster boring though — I still screamed and teared up in laughter. It’s just enough adrenaline for non-extreme riders like me and for families with kids.

Air Race. When I first laid eyes on this ride, I thought, “So many things happening!” Air Ride is new, but did you know that it’s also the first of its kind in the Philippines? It truly resembles two places looping and diving up in the clouds!

Ekstreme Tower. Prepare to choke your heart on your throat. The Ekstreme Tower takes you 40 meters up — only to drop you lightning quick!

Dodgem. Another childhood classic — bumper cars!

Space Shuttle. Finally, the landmark ride of Enchanted Kingdom is the Space Shuttle. You’ll immediately notice the sprawling roller coaster and immediately feel butterflies just by looking at it. I’ve had fond memories of screaming names as the shuttle seemed to defy gravity. At two minutes long, it doesn’t seem to stop!

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Kiddie Rides at the Enchanted Kingdom.

What’s great with amusement parks is that it’s absolutely for kids of all ages (well, as long as they meet the height requirement). If you’re going here with youngsters, they will no doubt enjoy some kid-friendly rides at the Enchanted Kingdom:

Air Pterodactyl. If Air Race is too extreme, Air Pterodactyl is much more suited for kids, as the vintage-looking airplane ride takes them round and round.

Boulderville Express. A colorfully-designed train ride best for toddlers accompanied by their parents.

Boulderville Kiddie Boats. This is a baby version of Bump n’ Splash hopefully with less bumping or splashing. No adults allowed!

Bumbling Boulders. Take that kid on a spin with colorful Flinstone-ish rocks.

Bouncing Boulder. Mini-tower ride compared to the Ekstreme Tower, but just as thrilling. It will leave you hanging and bouncing several times in mid-air.

Dinosaurs. If you’ve ever fantasized about Jurassic Park, here’s a chance to low-key introduce ’em to your toddler.

Stone Eggs. Even Wheel of Fate has a junior! This tiny cracked dinosaur egg-looking Ferris wheel is for kids only.

Swan Lake. You don’t have to go to Baguio to ride swans over a man-made lake. EK’s is definitely cleaner and greener. It’s one of the chiller rides here, as you pedal away and calm your sense from all the exciting rides.

Up, Up, and Away. Go with your family on a spinning hot air balloon ride and feel what it’s like to go up, up, and away. It lights up perfectly at nighttime, too!

Grand Carousel. Every amusement park should have at least one Instagrammable Victorian carousel — and this is it for Enchanted Kingdom. It greets you right in front and is instantly one of the most photographed spots in the theme park. Makes kids of all ages nostalgic!

What to eat inside the Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom isn’t the place to go hungry. On the amusement park grounds, there are numerous stalls and kiosks selling all sorts of food and drinks. You can eat shawarma, donuts, and dumplings; drink lemonades, smoothies, and soft drinks anywhere. The price is not hiked up — except for the water!

Since their partnership with Coca-Cola bottlers, the price of bottled water, Wilkins, is at PHP 35 per 500mL. But take note! There are water fountains with potable water. The trick is to bring your own bottle. Don’t worry, the guards will not confiscate them and you save a lot of money.

What they will not allow, however, is outside food so be sure to leave your baon inside the car and just come out when you want to eat. For the budget travelers, there are stalls of goto, mami, and siomai just outside EK where you get filled for as low as PHP 35. You can also buy food pasalubong in one of the stalls.

If you’re playing the foodie, near the Space Shuttle is a food court selling Japanese bentos, burgers, burritos, dimsum, and more. Beside Laser Mission is also a cafeteria-type restaurant with home-cooked Filipino meals. The safe minimum price would be PHP 125 for all the lunch dishes at the food courts of EK.

BOOK NOW: Enchanted Kingdom Admission Ticket

  • Duration: Valid for an entire day
  • Places to see: 7 themed areas and 20 attractions, and Agila, the first flight simulation ride displaying the wonders of the Philippines
  • Notes: Infants with height 0-35in can enter free of charge. Junior, Senior, and PWD rates apply, just proceed to the Group Sales office. Additional fee for other activities such as paintball, laser tag, bumper cars and boats, 7D theater, etc.
  • Price: 500

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Paid EK rides rates and review

7D Interactive Motion Theater (PHP 100). You know those arcade games inside malls where you shoot zombies on the screen? This one is the cinema version where you play as a group with 3D glasses. The theme when I tried this was Werewolves, and we can see each other’s ranking flashed on the screen. Honestly, it was kinda bitin for me — a bit too short. How it became called 7D, I have no idea.

Laser Mission (PHP 100). Ala Matrix, you simply have to navigate around a laser-strewn room and activate buttons by placing your hands on the wall in this mission. You can choose the difficulty level from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Because we were such daredevils, we tried Expert and to be honest it was manageable! The expert level has moving lasers, which make it more difficult and exciting. Evey time you hit a laser you get +30 seconds on top of your score. If you score the minimum required per difficulty level, you get a prize. We didn’t win of course, but I would try it again next time!

The Ghost Busters (PHP 100). This is EK’s version of a horror house where you enter two “haunted” buildings. The first one was old European “house” with winding steps, and the second a rundown Chinese restaurant. Our group simply had to pass by on single file — the ghosts will not touch us. It was moderately scary, but again, bitin.

Fun Kart (PHP 350). If you look at EK’s map, you’ll see the sprawling kart track on the gated attractions. It’s only PHP 250 for students who brought their IDs!

XPP (PHP 150). Paintball adventure that won’t hurt the pocket!

Agila the Eksperience (PHP 500). If you’re wondering what that new building beside EK is — this is it! Agila is said to the the Philippines’ first flying theater! I used to wonder what that is, but I learned it was like soaring above the Philippines from a bird’s eye view. This is great for kids and foreigners also who want to get to know more about our archipelago and its natural wonders.

Best time to visit EK

If you’re an introvert who wants to avoid the crowd and long lines, be sure to visit EK during weekdays or at most, Sundays. They start selling tickets at around 10AM and open the gates at 11AM. It pays to be first in line, although there’s still not much crowd before lunch.

As a tip, you should start riding the more popular rides earlier such as the Rio Grande Rapids and Anchors Away to avoid the lines. The peak time for traffic would be around 4PM, when families troop to stay until the 7PM fireworks show.

It’s also best to visit during non-peak seasons, avoiding the Philippine holidays and school summer breaks every March to May. Take note also that EK’s anniversary falls on October 22, in which they invite a lot of celebrities and performances that draw in the crowds.

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Tips for an Enchanted Kingdom trip

    • What to bring. Be sure to waterproof your gadgets. Some rides do not allow selfie sticks for safety purposes, which is why you might want to bring action cameras should you want to capture everything. A change of clothes is advisable for an entire day of rides. And again, a water bottle will save you a lot of money!
    • What to wear. Your best and comfiest OOTDs of course! It pays to wear casual and light clothing since it can get hot especially in the afternoons. But don’t wear too loose clothing that might expose unwanted parts whilst enjoying the rides or worse, get caught up by the seats. I recommend wearing sandals instead of rubber shoes to avoid the icky feeling when they get wet in the rapids.
    • When bringing kids to EK. Note that the minimum height to ride is 42 inches (107 cm). Guests who are 36-42 inches and PWDs must be accompanied by a chaperone.
  • Riding restrictions. Please make sure that you are in good health, free from motion sickness, and other conditions such as recent surgery or illness, weak back, neck, or heart, low or high blood pressure, pregnancy, and intoxicated, or being under medication or the influence of drugs.

The Enchanted Kingdom is still the best amusement park in the Philippines. To many of us near Manila, a visit to EK brings back a lot of childhood memories even though you visit there as an adult. Kids and adults can agree that truly “the magic lives forever”.


How to commute to the Enchanted Kingdom: Board the Jam Liner Transit or JAC Liner in Pasay City near the LRT Gil Puyat station going to Balibago. The bus will drop off at Waltermart Sta. Rosa where you can hail a local tricycle straight to Enchanted Kingdom (around PHP30)

How to drive to the Enchanted Kingdom: Merge onto Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) to Magallanes/Baclaran. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for SLEX/Alabang and merge onto the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Follow SLEX to Laguna. Take the Sta. Rosa exit. From the toll gate, turn left and follow the road until the first major intersection. Turn right at the stoplight. The Enchanted Kingdom will be at your right after 300m

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    I remember only visiting EK as an adult. I never visited it as a kid since we can’t afford that time. But yes. The magic is still there. Well, I’m looking forward visiting this places… maybe once I had my kids with me 😀

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      Sam Coronado
      April 13, 2018 at 8:11 AM

      Hi Dex! We only ever go to EK during field trips, so yeah, this is also my first time going there as an adult! Plus the ticket was corporate so I didn’t spend on it. The magic is there after so many years. I haven’t been to Disneyland, but I hope someday I can compare.

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