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Chill Chill House Tagaytay: AirBNB Stairway to Heaven Staycation Review

chill chill house tagaytay

Spending the holidays in Tagaytay City? Check out this “Stairway to Heaven”-esque AirBNB staycation — Chill Chill House Tagaytay!

Tagaytay has always been my family’s go-to place for Christmas holidays. This year, however, the city had major struggles because of Taal Volcano’s eruption earlier in January. It was followed by months of ongoing community quarantine which restricts tourist traffic. Sad to say, many hotels and restaurants, both big and small, have closed under the strain.

When its doors opened, Josh and I finally drove to Tagaytay City to add a little cheer and spur on the Christmas spirit. This time, we avoided the typical tourist attractions and discovered new ones in their place. One of the budding staycation places is Chill Chill House Tagaytay, which we booked via AirBNB.

Here is my review of our weekend staycation, as well as our Christmas-themed Tagaytay trip itinerary:

gingerbread house tagaytay

Our Chill Chill House AirBNB experience

Chill Chill House is run by a Japanese guy, Yamada-san. It opened only in September 2020 but is gaining popularity for its Instagrammable “stairway to heaven”. So when we decided to go to Tagaytay, I booked the place via AirBNB (surprised that it was still available!).

That morning, we went to the Gingerbread House, Korean Temple, San Antonio de Padua Chapel, and Green Olive for lunch. We came to Chill Chill House a little early but they allowed us to check-in early. The host and the staff were super friendly! We were given house slippers like how it is in Japan. Our room was the one with a Taal view, although it was a little obscured by the mountains so it’s only Taal Lake view. The room and the toilet & bath were wide. Given the price range of PHP 2,000 – 3,000, I expected the room to be small but it was spacious! It had all the basic amenities we needed.

Yamada-san followed us when we checked out the rooftop spot. He took the mirror shot I used for this blog. We hanged out to have coffee in the communal area with its board games, foosball table, impressively modern kitchen, and balcony with amazing forest views.

I could really imagine going to Chill Chill House Tagaytay with friends. Unfortunately, the current COVID19 restrictions prevents us. But we definitely felt positive vibes here — it almost feels like a super convenient homestay.

tagaytay stairway to heaven

Tagaytay’s Stairway to Heaven

Address. Chill Chill House Tagaytay is located at 155 Tagaytay-Talisay Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite. It’s near the landmark Tagaytay Rotunda. There is free parking, although you can park at the neighboring lots if needed. Check-in time is at 2PM. Check out time is at 11AM.

Capacity. Chill Chill House features five rooms that can accommodate up to 15 guests. It’s a good place to rent for entire families, couples, or groups of friends. The rooms are spacious so extra mattresses can be added comfortably.

Room amenities. They have basic room amenities like air-conditioning, hot shower, an electric fan, and a hairdryer. They offer basic toiletries like refillable shampoo, bath soap, toilet paper, and towels. You can buy or rent additional toiletries, pillows, and mattresses at a reasonable price. I also love that there were a lot of plugs available!

Communal area amenities. An entire floor at Chill Chill House AirBNB is dedicated to communal amenities. Here you can find a kitchen, complete with a fridge, stove, oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, and more. Guests can access cutleries, bowls, and plates but they must wash their own dishes. There are also multiple tables and chairs, as well as a board game collection.

They also have fast WiFi available on each floor and the communal area. We were delightfully surprised by its speed. You can also rent a cinema projector for an epic movie night in the balcony. Lastly, you can have your laundry done here if needed.

Balcony & Rooftop. Other communal areas include the balcony and the famous rooftop. The balcony is a good place to have a semi-open air breakfast with a slight view of Taal Lake. This is where you can setup the cinema projector.

The Chill Chill House rooftop is, of course, famous for the “Stairway to Heaven”. It’s best to take your photos in the afternoon when the sky is bluest and clearest. You can grill barbecues or just go stargazing here, though it’s really windy at night!

Food. Chill Chill House has what they call a “Lazy People Menu”, which is what you’d expect from a homestay! They offer coffee and noodles at market price, which are great if you’re planning to stay a little late at the communal area.

Another great feature is the free breakfast from 8AM – 11AM. On our trip, we were served rice with nori sheet, chicken, omelette, and a sliver of sayote with cheese (I thought it was an avocado!). Not all Tagaytay AirBNBs offer free breakfast, so this one’s definitely a plus!

crosswinds tagaytay trail of light cafe voi la

Christmas-themed Tagaytay Attractions

Tagaytay Attractions. For this trip, we went to lesser-known Tagaytay tourist spots. I’ve written a lot about more famous Tagaytay attractions in my previous blog. This includes People’s Park in the City, Sky Ranch, Fantasy World, Picnic Grove, Mahogany Market Bulalohan, and Paradizoo. I’ve also written about Taal Volcano Hike, although it’s restricted due to recent volcanic eruptions. This time we went to newer travel destinations such as:

Gingerbread House. Inspired by the tales of Hansel and Gretel, Gingerbread House is a desserts-themed park filled with Instagrammable decorations. They also have a bakery and restaurant where you can order pastries, sweets, and coffee. I’m not a huge fan of the food though! Kids will enjoy it.

  • Address: Matagbak – Palumlum Rd, Alfonso, Cavite
  • Entrance fee: PHP 100
  • Open hours: 8AM – 7PM

Crosswinds Tagaytay & Cafe Voi La. This Christmas season, Crosswinds Tagaytay offers a “Trail of Lights” — an outdoor installment of Christmas lights. It’s not as spectacular as we expected it to be. But given that most establishments are closed by nighttime, this one has become very popular.

At the entrance of Crosswinds Tagaytay is Cafe Voi La, a Southeast Asian cuisine restaurant with beautiful Moroccan lanterns. They offer delicious food like curries and satay. I loved the food and its big servings — I’d definitely go back here. Crosswinds Tagaytay gets crowded especially during the weekends. Parking is limited so better come here before dinnertime!

  • Address: Brgy. Iruhin Central Calamba Road, Tagaytay, Cavite
  • Entrance fee: FREE
  • Food price range: PHP 350 – 600
  • Open hours: 7AM – 9PM

Korean Temple & San Antonio de Padua Chapel. Also known as the Manila Buddhist Meditation Centre, Korean Temple Silang has a tranquil vibe similar to a retreat center. Unfortunately, it was closed during our visit so we weren’t able to go far. Just beside Korean Temple Silang is San Antonio de Padua Chapel, which is a beautiful wood-and-brick church. Both places are great for quick visits and quiet strolls. The chapel is a popular choice for weddings.

  • Address: Silang, Cavite
  • Entrance fee: FREE
  • Open hours: 9AM – 4PM
korean temple silang san antonio de padua chapel

Tips for your Chill Chill House Tagaytay Staycation

Chill Chill House AirBNB rates. The rates for a Chill Chill House staycation depends on the date of booking. Weekends and holidays are usually higher price. Typically the rates are between PHP 2000 – 3000 all-in and paid upfront. No deposits are required.

Best time to visit. Tagaytay City’s traffic is famously heavy, especially during weekends and holidays. Be sure to be in the area at 10AM latest. I also recommend checking out earlier, at around 10AM to avoid traffic on your way home.

The months near Christmastime is the best time to visit Tagaytay. Check for volcano or typhoon advisories. Wind and rain can make the fog zero-visibility thick, obscuring the Taal Volcano view or closing open-air theme parks. Many Tagaytay tourist spots also fall within the volcano’s danger zone and inhaling volcanic ash is dangerous.

What to wear & what to bring. Prepare for the chilly Tagaytay weather! Since it’s “sweater weather”, wear jackets, hoodies, and scarves. Wear your best OOTDs too since you’ll be taking lots of photos especially at Chill Chill House rooftop.

Bring umbrellas in case it rains or extra blankets to make you weather-proof. Another thing you can bring? Your pets! Chill Chill House is pet-friendly.

COVID19 Regulations. Currently, Tagaytay is open for tourists and there are no checkpoints along major roads. Some AirBNBs and hotels, however, may require a medical certificate or only allow guests of certain ages to check-in. Be sure to bring face masks and face shields as most establishments require them. Note that these may change based on local government regulations.

AirBNB Link & Promo Code. You can book Chill Chill House Tagaytay using their AirBNB link here. You can also get PHP 3,100 off your first AirBNB booking by using my referral link!

chill chill house tagaytay

I really loved our stay at Chill Chill House and our simple Christmastime Tagaytay itinerary. It’s bittersweet to be here, know how difficult 2020 has been. But I hope we can help the city’s tourism recover slowly! If you have any questions, send me a PM on Facebook. I answer everything.

tagaytay stairway to heaven


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