Caliraya Resort Club: Laguna Rooms, Rates, & Team Building Activities

caliraya resort club

Looking for team building activities in Laguna? Try Caliraya Resort Club and read more about its rooms and rates in the blog!

When we talk about Laguna resorts, the primary towns are Pansol, Calamba, and Los Banos.

What other people don’t know is the more distant town of Lumban is known for Caliraya Lake attractions that are equally great for company outings, team building activities, family staycations. It features a more relaxed vibe without much of the traffic.

Here’s one popular resort in Caliraya that we went to during our weekend family trip:

Our Caliraya Resort Club Experience: Weekend Family Trip in Laguna

Parking. Our troop of 10 went to Caliraya Resort Club on a weekend. Upon arrival, the parking was almost full, so one of our SUVs parked at a 5-minute walk away and was fetched by the shuttle. We had to ride a ferry boat across the lake to reach Caliraya Resort Club. That means there was very little going outside of the resort once we checked in. What I immediately noticed was that it looked a little bit old and unkept. Still, there were a lot of vacationers and one company with a team-building activity that day.

Room amenities. We had a room for 5 persons which was comfortable enough — one queen bed and one double deck bed with a pull-out bed. The room was airconditioned and with its own TV. The shower came with hot water, which is a relief! But the toiletries were limited to soap and shampoo only.

Crowdedness. With its sprawling land area, there was no need to worry if it ever gets crowded. The only areas with a lot of people are the swimming pool and the mudslide, which looked like a lot of fun. Almost nobody was using the other facilities so there’s no need to line up. In fact, some of the facilities seemed to be abandoned. Overall, it was a huge playground that’s great for toddlers and kids!

Included meals. What we loved are the buffet meals which are winners. We ate buffets for dinner, breakfast, and lunch the next day. We were also allowed to bring our own snacks and drinks. For barkada trips, you can bring your own alcohol drinks since the ones here are expensive and easily sells out.

Amenities and activities. The downsides would be that most of the activities entailed additional payment. Only most of the swimming and sliding activities are free. But I heard you can purchase an all-access pass for PHP 600 / pax, which to me is quite pricey if you’re staying overnight anyway. Another disadvantage is the poor mobile data signal and paid WiFi per device that’s only available in the lobby. If you really want to make the most out of the trip, you’re gonna need more cash!

Caliraya Resort Club Room Rates & Team Building Activities

With that said, Caliraya Resort Club is a perfect Laguna resort for family gathering barkada tours, company outings or team building activities, family vacation, or couple celebrations. The following are the rates of the activities and the rooms within the property:

Recreational Facilities Rates

Kayak (1 seater)250/hourFerry boat (small)2,000/hour25 pax
Canoe (4 seater)300/hourFerry boat (big)120/pax50 – 150 pax
Jet Ski2,500/30 mins4,500/hour350/pax for 15 mins6 – 8 pax/ride
Speedboat   6,000/hourSki board200/hour 
Billiards200/hourTable tennis120/hour 
WiFi100/device for 1 dayKaraoke250/hour for 6 pax 
Volleyball200/hourKaraoke300/hourminimum 3 hours
Horseback riding300/hourBasketball250/hourday rate
Bonfire750/set 450/hournight rate
Super slide150/paxFree fall100/pax 
Slide n’ Fly (age 15+)300/paxBungee fun100/pax 
Superman Zipline200/paxWall climbing280/hour 
Giant swing300/paxHamster wheel200/pax 
Sky bike200/pax   

Notes: All waterfront facilities are provided with life jackets. Riders of new facilities should not be more than 190lbs. and at least 4ft. / 120cm tall. There might be very slight changes in rates during weekends.

Inclusions: Slip n’ slide, earthball, obstacle course, swimming pool, and mudslides are free. For overnight stays, you can also access Free Fall and Bungee Fun for free.

Facilities schedule. Outdoor and waterfront facilities are open from 8:30AM to 5PM. Payments must be made at the front office.

Room Rates and Terms

  • Why visit: Its everything you’re looking for in Laguna resorts! Lots of leisure activities for families and big groups
  • Amenities: Airport transfers, family room, playground, kiddie pool, boating, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, water park, water sports, table tennis, tennis court, tours, chapel, WiFi
  • Notes: Pets are not allowed; PWD friendly; Children until 5 years old may stay for free without extra bedding; Check-in/out time is 2PM- 12NN
  • Address: Barangay Lewin, Lumban, Laguna
  • Entrance fee: Overnight stay starts at PHP 3,200; Daytour starts at PHP 800

Other attractions near Caliraya, Laguna

Most of Caliraya attractions are located in other nearby Laguna provinces such as Paete, Cavinti, and Pagsanjan. Here are some quick trips you can take after your Caliraya Resort Club stay:

Japanese Garden. A serene park that serves as memorial grounds for Japanese soldiers during the World War II.

Church of Paete. Formally called St. James the Apostle Parish Church, this is an old Baroque architecture Catholic church within the wood-carving town of Paete. The town is also known for its artisan religious figures, arts, and woodcrafts.

Tatlong Krus. Translating to “Three Crosses of Paete”, these are found at the summit of a 45-minute walk to Mt. Humarap, found along the Sierra Madre mountain range. It is a local pilgrimage spot during Holy Week.

Matabungka Falls. Located near Tatlong Krus is a 20m+ tall waterfall. This is a place for picnics with its basic huts and tables.

Cavinti Falls / Pagsanjan Falls. Every Filipino student has heard about Cavinti Falls or Pagsanjan Falls in our elementary school books. A popular activity is known locally as “shooting the rapids”, or going beneath the waterfalls like a hydromassage, which is a lot of fun!

BOOK NOW: Pagsanjan Falls Private Day Tour

  • Duration: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Places to see: 17km boat trip, gorges over a hundred feet high, Tropical Resort, Devil’s Cave, etc.
  • Notes: Children aged 0-3 are not allowed to join; Meet-up at Starbucks SM Mall of Asia
  • Price: PHP 3,550
caliraya resort club map
Caliraya Resort Club map

Things to know about your Caliraya Resort Club trip

  • Best time to travel. Going during the sunny seasons is best since it can be quite a hassle to do the other activities while it’s raining. Be sure to check the weather before booking.
  • Where to eat. The overnight stay comes with buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also bring your own snacks and drinks for when you are hungry in between meals.
  • What to wear. If you’re going to other Caliraya Resort Club, wear clothes you can swim in or do activities in comfortably. Examples are light shirts, shorts, and flip-flops.
  • Things to bring. Bring your own toiletries as the ones provided by Caliraya Resort Club can be inadequate. They only provide towels, shampoos, and soaps. Make sure to bring sun protection, water or water bottles, umbrellas in case it rains, and cash for the added activities.

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I hope you enjoyed this Caliraya Resort Club blog review. If you have any questions, you can reach me on Facebook!


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