Followyouroad is a rapidly growing travel publication focused on empowering millennial travelers to go on new adventures all over the Philippines. We provide useful digital inspiration, give free do-it-yourself guides, and create a community of people who share their on-the-road stories.

Our niche in the vast “travel” section is DIY travel and immersing in local culture. We have a loyal following and a very engaged audience. Here are helpful measures to find if you want to collaborate with us. Note that these statistics are as of 2018.

Our Site Statistics and Audience Demographics

  • We have an average of 9,600 monthly page views or average of 320 views daily
  • Our readers spend an average of 5:50 minutes daily on site.
  • Our readers are 79.7% from the Philippines.
  • We rank 498,780 for most visited websites in the world!*
  • Only 0.38% people click out of the site after reading a page (called bounce rate).
  • Our top channels for website traffic are 84.3% organic search, 8.3% direct, and 7% social media.
  • Our readers are composed of 78.4% new visitors and 21.6% returnees.
  • Our readers are 54.15% male, 33.5% millennials, 5.49% sports enthusiasts, 56% of which are ages 25-34
  • Our readers access us from 62.8% mobile, 35% desktop, and 2.2% tablet.
  • We have domain authority of 27/100 and page authority of 35/100.
Sources: SEO Review tools, Google Analytics

*Web Ranking Comparison

  • Grid Magazine: 4,386,018
  • Asian Traveler Magazine: 6,026,873
  • The Philippines Magazine: 11,020,658
  • Asia Travel and Leisure: 16,577,201

Our Social Media Reach

What We Can Do For You

In exchange for a sponsored a paid or sponsored post, you will receive:

  • Feature article. A professionally-written, SEO-rich article at with high-quality photos
  • Photography. All photos in the blog are original. They come in high-resolution versions and are available for purchasing.
  • Media mention. A possible mention at an article published at the Manila Bulletin, in which I am a Contributor for the Lifestyle-Travel Section
  • Trip Advisor Review. If applicable, in which I am a Top Contributor with over 180,000 readers, and is part of the top 2% reviewers in Quezon City.
  • Zomato review. If applicable, in which I am a Big Foodie with over 520,000 readers
  • Social media tags. Tags of your brand at all Instagram photos, Facebook page statuses, and Twitter mentions with your desired hashtags
  • Linkage. You will be linked at every post about the city or category you are in
  • Additional support services. We will gladly answer queries in behalf of our post about your brand
  • Long-term rapport. We value our relationship with you. You can relay news or updates about your brand even after our feature.

We also other public relations services, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing. Promotion and selling of your product in exchange for a commission.
  • Ad space. Placement of your promotional ads or logo at the sidebar.
  • Contest/Giveaway. Designing the mechanics, selection of winners, and coordination to claim prizes.

We’d Love To Hear From You!

Thank you for considering advertising with us.

If there’s anything you need, we can give you a customized service. Feel free to email me directly via Looking forward to hearing from you!


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